Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kelli and Dallin

My good friend got married a while ago and here are the flowers I did for her beautiful wedding in Napa Valley, California. Her colors were teal, burgundy, and gold. Her theme was rustic elegance. I am so happy that they found each other. (p.s. Dallin is from my home stake in California, he raised pigs for the fair and I raised sheep, not best friends but knew each other when we were little) :).

Some pictures I altered in 'instagram'

These are some pictures of the cake and flowers that were worn. And a better shot of the bouquet. I was happy to do this wedding and I would be happy to do your wedding if you need.

Congratulations Kelli and Dallin, wish you two the best!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flower of the month.... March!

Again I do this flower of the month to educate and inform readers of types of flowers so that whether they come to me or not they can still know a little about what is out there.

This month's flower is something that I will be using in an upcoming wedding (Dana). I used them in my own bridal bouquet, they have a nice citrus fragrance, and come in lots of colors. This flower that I speak of is a good one for a garden theme or wildflower look. March's flower is Freesia. This flower is not usually used for a main flower because is fairly dainty. Although because of it's nice fragrance and unique shape and look it is used more often than you know.

Trumpet shaped blooms and small green buds, they are very cute!

So many colors!

The little green parts that are sticking out is freesia, this is what I'll try to replicate for Dana.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flower of the month..... February!

So now that Valentine's Day is over I feel more comfortable doing my flower of the month. This is only because I do this flower of the month thing to educate readers and viewers of flowers that can be used for that special event or gift.

So since roses are off the minds a little more I want to share with you my most favorite flower. This month's flower is the Calla Lily! This flower is quite unique looking and comes in fun distinct colors. Within the past couple years the calla has become very popular among brides and prom goers. As a florist this flower is the cleanest look for a boutonniere. Calla lilies are a good choice for someone who wants a color of black because there is a really dark, dark purple calla lily that looks almost black anyway and can be touched up easily to look strictly black. Another fun thing about this flower is that there are the original large calla lilies that mostly come in white but are beginning to come in more fun colors, and then there is the mini calla lily, that comes in lots of different colors!

The original large Calla Lily--white

Mini Calla Lilies in great colors

Some Fun Facts: Calla Lily is native to South Africa; Some cultures use the Calla Lily as a symbol of 'Resurrection', therefore it's use in funerals is very popular; The meaning of the Calla Lily is known in Victorian time to be one a sexual origin; It's the national flower of Ethiopia!

There you have it the flower for the month of February:
Calla Lily

Monday, January 10, 2011

Flower of the month.... January

So here is the deal, I want to provide knowledge and such for readers and visitors to the blog, so I am going to highlight a flower each month that has some sort of special look, need, or what not. I feel like this can be a good way for viewers to get ideas beyond roses and daises (not that those are bad).

So this month's flower is the carnation! I know what you are all thinking, "Ew, a carnation, honestly that is so ugly!" Well honestly they are the best flower ever!!! There is a solitary carnation that has one larger flower (the one most are familiar with), and then it also comes in a smaller flower with multiple flower heads (pictured below). And well from a florist perspective, the carnation is inexpensive (great for brides/clients on a budget), it comes in a variety of colors and can be died, and the carnation is able to look beautiful for a long period of time without water.

Some fun facts: State flower of Ohio; Flower meanings are fascination or devoted love; Botanical name is Dianthus-- di meaning God and anthus meaning flower; At Oxford University, it is customary to wear a Carnation to an exam. White Carnations are worn to the first exam, red to the last, and pink Carnations to every exam in between.

There you have it the flower for the month of January is a:

Still adjusting to the FACEBOOK love....

So here is the deal, I work full-time and I have been trying to get facebook up and rolling so that I can get more people to 'like' me and possibly get more clients coming my way.

So be patient and never be afraid to ask me questions even if they seem silly!

Friday, January 7, 2011

We are now on FACEBOOK!

So I am starting to journey further to the world of If you can "like" my page and maybe make a comment if you would like!

Hope that I can get going on this business and really maybe find my place in the floral design world!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

November Wedding- Noah and Kristi

On November 22, 2009, I had a wedding that was locally and lots of fun! Here are some pictures of my latest work!

The mess before I make a bigger mess!

The bouquet finished the first time... Early in the morning on the day of the wedding I took it apart a little and made changes. I was stressed...

Bouquet detail

A mother's corsage, what can I say, I love pin on corsages!

Groom's flowers, I love wire detail... I just love it!

Well all went well with the wedding flowers, they even went well with the table pieces at the reception...